The Killer Clown comes to Miami to fuck TS Madison and TS Morgan Foxxx

TS Madison said, While on a family visit to Miami, FL some of the strangest shit justed happens to me. I was visiting my really good girlfriend TS MORGAN FOXXX and was so tired from my long drive. So, I decided to crash at her new place, Just when I was about to go to bed there was a strange sound coming from the living room and we got up to go check it out, when we walked in the living room we were greeted by a PYSCHO MIDGET CLOWN! We screamed to the top of our lungs and ran our Phat tranny asses back in the room only to be chased down by this horny ass booty killer!…. He immediately jumped his freaky ass on the bed and Demanded his Dick to be sucked! well since it was TS Morgan’s house of course I let her set this wild sexcapade off and she gobbled that “Mini Man” meat up the right way, after he was good and ready she helped me lube up my ass so I could Fuck this PYSCHO CLOWN stupid! Did you think I care he was a quarter of the size of us both? Hell fuck no I rode him like the city bus and he spared my tranny booty no mercy….. this is one of those videos you just got to see! >>>Click Here<<<

killer clown 052

18 minute(s), 18 second(s) of video

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